Blostein/Overly Architects was founded in 2002 by Beth Blostein and Bart Overly.  We are a small design practice, which allows us to be both nimble and highly exploratory. We don’t believe in “canned answers” to unique conditions, and that philosophy translates to a high level of attention to the specific issues and phenomena surrounding each project we undertake.  Our set of diverse skills and interests, in tandem with the economy of our practice, allows us to deliver exceptional design to projects with complex constraints and conditions.

In addition to the work of the studio, we also believe in the importance of being intrinsically connected to academia in order to test our intellectual pursuits.  As such, we have taught architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture design studios at The Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati, and continually develop a body of competition work. It is this balanced three tiered approach to our work (the professional design studio, the university environment, and the competition) that we feel makes our work innovative, high-spirited, and intelligent.

The partners of BL/OV have lectured or exhibited work at:

  • The Center for Architecture in New York
  • The Boston Center for the Arts
  • The Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center
  • The Cleveland Institute of Art
  • The Columbus Museum of Art
  • The Museum of Design, Atlanta
  • The University of Utah
  • The University of Michigan
  • The National Building Museum
    and elsewhere. 

Our design work has been featured in

  • Architectural Record
  • Metropolis
  • d’Architecture
  • BRKT
  • ArtNews
    and elsewhere.