BL/OV wins 2015 AIA Columbus Design Award by Blostein/Overly Architects

Blostein/Overly Architects was awarded a Merit Design Award by The Columbus Chapter of The American Institute of Architects at its Award Ceremony on Thursday November 12.  Awarded was CONEY ISLAND, the first completed in a series of architect-designed parking attendant booths for Columbus' downtown.  The project was commissioned by Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District and constructed by the talents at MCR.

BL/OV wins 2015 AIA Ohio Design Award by Blostein/Overly Architects

Inside CONEY ISLAND.  Photography by  Andy Spessard Photography .

Inside CONEY ISLAND.  Photography by Andy Spessard Photography.

Blostein/Overly Architects is honored to have received a 2015 AIA Ohio Merit Award for CONEY ISLAND, a parking attendant booth located in downtown Columbus.  The awards jury was chaired by Monica Ponce de Leon and will be presented at the AIA Ohio Valley Regional Conference in October.

CONEY ISLAND was fabricated by a talented team of craftspeople, led by MCR Services, and is the first in a series of projects to rethink similar banal and purely utilitarian structures in Columbus; visit BOLD BOOTHS for more information.


Day. Night. Done by Blostein/Overly Architects

Coney Island, a study in geometric maneuverability in the middle of a surface parking lot in Columbus, is complete. Sponsored by The Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District,  it could not have happened without the craft and dedication of MCR.  It is the new home to a team of valet attendants at the Westin Great Southern Hotel and Theater, and the first of five future unique parking attendant booths in Columbus' downtown. A dedication is scheduled for Sunday, June 7, 2015. Architectural Photography by Andy Spessard Photography.

Thursday 2 October: DRIVEbys by Blostein/Overly Architects

The exhibition co-curated by Beth Blostein and Bart Overly will take place at The Columbus Idea Foundry, 5-9pm. has all the information on the projects by BL/OV and DesignGroup, Neal Clements, Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design, and BAWorkshop, along with a short film screening by Infinite Impact Studios. Be sure to register for the free event, either from the website or via this link:


DRIVEBYS Exhibition Planned by Blostein/Overly Architects

Coney Island , one of five projects to be exhibited.

Coney Island, one of five projects to be exhibited.

Blostein/Overly Architects will curate an exhibition documenting five parking attendant booths, including BL/OV's Coney Island, designed for the ColumbusPublicArt program which is curated by artist Malcolm Cochran.

DRIVEBYS will feature the work of five booths designed by BL/OV, Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design, DesignGroup, BA Workshop, and Neal Clemenz. The program is made possible thanks to the support of Capital Crossroads Inc. and the funding of an Ohio State University Impact and Engagement Grant.

The exhibition is being planned for October 2014 and more information will follow.

"Elderquarters" featured in BRKT by Blostein/Overly Architects

Blostein/Overly's Elderquarters is featured in the forthcoming edition of BRACKET 3: [AT EXTREMES.]  As a speculative research project on the future of senior living, ELDREQUARTERS asked three questions:

  • What are the extreme pressures placed on a world when as many people are retired as are working?
  • What happens as our needs become more horizontal but our world becomes more vertical?
  • Can we depend on cities again?

ELDERQUARTERS disassembles these questions to imagine a more vibrant place for senior citizens. A prototypical infrastructural and architectural proposal to re-zone existing urban fabric, the project reformulates the relationships between lifestyle+wellness with comfort+desire.

BRACKET 3: [AT EXTREMES] is edited by Maya Przybylski and Lola Sheppard, and published by Actar Barcelona. It will be released in Fall 2016.  For more information on BRKT 3, visit

Overly tries on "Being 104" at TEDx by Blostein/Overly Architects

Bart Overly presented at TEDx Columbus' A Moment in Time. Being 104: My Future Habitat looked into the ways Americans traditionally associate housing and lifestyle with aging and care.  As we will continue to live longer, healthier lives and the 'dependency ratio' (which relates working persons to retired persons) works its way toward unprecedented territory, architecture and cities need to respond with new (or perhaps, forgotten) types and patterns of living.

BL/OV wins AIA Columbus Merit Award by Blostein/Overly Architects

Blostein/Overly Architects received a 2012 AIA Columbus Merit Award for Elemental Veterinary Center and Pet Spa in Columbus’ Short North neighborhood.  The design project was identified as a favorite of head juror Julie Snow, FAIA, of Minneapolis-based Julie Snow Architects. Snow and the other four jurors for the AIA Columbus Design Awards evaluated 42 entries, and she praised the project’s presentation and the refinement of its realization, and highlighted the inventiveness of its design, which creates an integrated gallery/lobby space.

Visit the Elemental Veterinary Center and Pet Spa website.
View the Portfolio Page for Elemental.