"Elderquarters" featured in BRKT / by Blostein/Overly Architects

Blostein/Overly's Elderquarters is featured in the forthcoming edition of BRACKET 3: [AT EXTREMES.]  As a speculative research project on the future of senior living, ELDREQUARTERS asked three questions:

  • What are the extreme pressures placed on a world when as many people are retired as are working?
  • What happens as our needs become more horizontal but our world becomes more vertical?
  • Can we depend on cities again?

ELDERQUARTERS disassembles these questions to imagine a more vibrant place for senior citizens. A prototypical infrastructural and architectural proposal to re-zone existing urban fabric, the project reformulates the relationships between lifestyle+wellness with comfort+desire.

BRACKET 3: [AT EXTREMES] is edited by Maya Przybylski and Lola Sheppard, and published by Actar Barcelona. It will be released in Fall 2016.  For more information on BRKT 3, visit brkt.org.